Hi, I am Seluna Fernandez
I am a professional with a degree in Design and Art History from Concordia University, complemented by expertise in photography acquired from Dawson College in Montreal.

I strongly believe in the transformative power of design as a catalyst for social change. My creative pursuits extend beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as vehicles for storytelling. Through the lens of my camera and the canvas of digital design, I weave narratives that captivate and provoke thought. Continuously exploring diverse mediums, including audio, I aim to push the boundaries of visual communication.

As a designer, I am driven by a profound sense of purpose. I aspire to challenge entrenched stereotypes through my work, advocating for inclusivity and representation. In essence, my work is not merely a reflection of my skills; it is a testament of my ethos. It is a manifestation of my belief in the potential of design to shape a more equitable and empathetic world.

I am a co-founder of colectiva norma, an interdisciplinary group consisting of documentary filmmakers, artists, researchers, designers, and scholars. Our collective is dedicated to creating and sharing narrative projects while developing methodologies that are both high-quality and socially impactful.